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That 60s Print – My attempt

This is my try at the 60s print manicure I posted last week from the Polish You Pretty blog. First let’s take a look at the original, to get an idea of what it was intended to look like….

That 60s Print by Polish You Perfect

That 60s Print by Polish You Perfect

The colors I used are shown below.  My nails are much shorter than those in the original mani, so it was a challenge to make everything work.  The time has come.  It’s just me,  the polish and my dotting tools.  I’m going in……

60s Print Manicure Colors

From left to right: Tangy by Jordana, Neon Melon by Sinful Colors and Mahogany Magic from China Glaze

I didn’t take pics along the way, as the tutorial did, but here’s what I came out with.  Seems I didn’t wait long enough to apply my topcoat, and the design was smeared a bit, hopefully it’s not painfully noticeable.

My 60s Print Manicure

Here’s my version

And another shot – I think this one may have been before I applied the topcoat, and it was unblemished!

My 60s Print Manicure - another view

My 60s Print Manicure – another view

What do you think?  Let me know.  Has anyone else tried this manicure? 

Happy Monday!

Leslie  🙂

Lacquer and Lashes 100 follower Giveaway

Don’t forget, just 2 more days to enter to win this contest. Good luck!! 🙂

Lacquer and Lashes

This giveaway is now closed.

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  Today we are going to break away from the reviews for a giveaway!

And just like Oprah……You get a car, and you get a car, EVERYBODY GETS A CAR!

Well not really….we don’t have cars, or nail polish for everyone but we will for one lucky winner!!


The prize:

1 Bottle of China Glaze Emerald Sparkle and 1 Bottle of OPI Opening Night Gold (we will also have a little surprise gift that we will send to the winner as well)

How to Enter:

All you have to do to enter is click on the link below and that will take you to the Rafflecopter form.  There are a total of 8 possible entries to be earned. The first field is mandatory and for filling that out, you will receive two entries. The…

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To-Teally Hot Manicure

Hello, again! Thought I would share another manicure I managed to get done.  It’s another one using stamping, which I think is just about the neatest thing EVER!!!  I’ve got the new 2012 Bundle Monster plates in my mailbox as I type, so this one might not last too long.  We’ll see, there are some really great images on these plates.  Check them out here, if you like.

First here are the colors I used: Finger Paints To-Teally Hot and Orly Decades of Dysfunction.  I’ve managed to use this Orly color a couple times, but this is the first use of To-Teally Hot.  Very nice color, opaque and not at all streaky.  Same with the Orly color too, actually.  Excellent, even coverage with 2 coats.

To-Teally Hot Manicure - Colors

Orly’s Decades of Dysfunction and Finger Paints To-teally Hot

To-teally Hot Bottle

Finger Paints To-Teally hot

Orly Decades of Dysfunction

Orly Decades of Dysfunction

First, I start with a base of To-Teally Hot.  This is a nice, bold summer color. 

To-teally Hot base

To-teally Hot base

Then I stamped a pattern (again with my Cheeky plate) with Decades of Dysfunction.  This stamping thing is really addicting.  So many options, so many more that can be bought.  Can you say DANGER!!!  Put the credit card down and step away from the laptop.  But I digress….

To-Teally Hot Manicure

To-Teally Hot Manicure

Here’s a close-up of the design.  I’m not sure how to describe it, maybe a reverse giraffe print?  Or a regular giraffe print?  haha  Feel free to let me know if you have any better ideas as to what kind of pattern this is.  🙂

In spite of my trying to use new and exciting nail treatments to help my nails get stronger, they seem to be constantly breaking.  With any luck this phase won’t last too long.  If anyone has any tips on a product that they use that has given them good results, I am open to suggestions.  I am using OPI’s Nail Envy Nail Strengthener, but it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. 

To-Teally Hot Close-up

To-Teally Hot Close-up

Thanks for reading – hope you are all having a great weekend.

Leslie  🙂

PS  Today is my mom’s 70th birthday, and we had a nice afternoon together capped off with my mom’s famous Breaded Steak, made by me this time.  I got a thumbs up!!  🙂
PPS   I think I am finally getting a hang of these pictures.  I hope to get better and better with practice, as with anything else.  Enjoy the ride!

Neutral Stamped Manicure

Hello!!  Here’s a more subdued manicure that I tried out using a base of Finger Paints Blank Canvas Cream and a stamp color of China Glaze Harvest Moon.  The image I used is from a big Cheeky plate I got (not sure which) and the pattern is either wood grain or feather. I really like the colors, but together they seem to blend into my skin tone.  It’s nice, but will be using a darker stamp color with this base in the future.

Creamy Stamped Manicure

Another view

Here is a close up of the pattern.  I really like it and will definitely be using it again with different colors.  The idea of full nail pattern stamps didn’t appeal to me at first, but now that I have done a few I think I get it lol.  Although now that I do, my nails seem to be constantly breaking.  GRRRRR

Close up of Stamp

Close up of Stamp

Thanks for reading.  Hope you have a nice weekend!
Leslie 🙂

Saw this manicure today and thought to myself, “Self, this mani is AWESOME!!!! Try this soon!” I will be trying this in the very near future and will post my results, although I am not sure they will be as lovely as these.
Thank you for sharing!!
Leslie 🙂


We recently spotted a wallpaper print in a local restaurant & instantly snapped a shot & thought it would be perfect for a new DIY nail art tutorial. The print was a nice blush pink, a little on the brighter side with a neutral accent, plus a pop of electric yellow – pretty much the perfect design to replicate. We have been searching for a particular Essie shade Knockout Pout for quite some time. Having tried it once in a salon (many moons ago) our hunt continued for years, randomly checking any beauty supply we popped into. Knockout Pout was the Polkaroo of polishes. You can’t even imagine our excitement when we found her on Beauty Stop Online. Jumpy claps all around. When this arrived we knew it was our perfect 1960s wallpaper print base.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails 2 coats of Essie – Knockout…

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Some recent manicures

Here are the polishes that I used in my manicure for Roger Waters’ The Wall Live at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia last saturday.  Wooohooooo! I also saw this concert at the Wells Fargo center back in November of 2010, so this was a double treat!  Check out the link at the bottom to see my pics, if you like.  Not only am I a nail polish addict, but I am a wannabe budding photographer!  🙂  You’d never know it from the quality of my photos, though LOL.

But I digress…..  I was originally going to do either a transfer of the cover art onto my nails, then onto one nail, then it turned into what you see below:  Glitter in the form of Save Me from OPI’s Nicki Minaj collection over Sinful Color’s Fusion Neon.  A lame attempt, at best, to honor The Wall.  But I tried.  🙂

Sinful Colors Fusion Neon

Sinful Colors Fusion Neon

OPI's Save Me (Nicki Minaj Collection)

OPI’s Save Me (Nicki Minaj Collection)

My manicure for The Wall concert

My manicure for The Wall concert

Here are my pics from the concert…

Rover Waters The Wall Live 2012

Click the image to see my pics on facebook from the concert in Philly last saturday….

Next is the polish I put on today, OPI’s Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous.  What clever names they have for these polishes, I love them!  This color is a nice and very shimmery grey, makes me think of a gunmetal gray.  I really like the color, and it covered well with two coats.
Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

Well that’s it for today.  Hope you all have been having a great week!
Leslie 🙂

Another giveaway! (by someone else, of course lol)

While cruising the internet today, I stumbled upon this polish giveaway and sharing will get me TWO entries!!! Check it out, who knows you might get some really cool polish in the process!  What a great bunch of items in this contest!! 

happypolish July Giveaway!

  • Spiderman Series Minis! ~ Into The Night, Number One Nemesis, Just Spotted the Lizard!, and Your Web or Mine?
  • China Glaze ~ Luxe and Lush, Optical Illusion, and Crackle Gleam Me Up
  • Sinful Colors ~ Soul Mate, You Just Wait, and Tokyo Pearl
  • Zoya ~ Goldie
  • L’ oreal ~ Club Prive
  • 3 – Nail Star Two Way nail art pen & brushes
  • Jolee’s Jewels ~ Red swarvoski crystals 
  • Cina Nail Creations ~ Over the Rainbow
  • Donalyn Water Nail Decals ~ Two amazing packs of nail water decals! One has hilarious and funny sayings, and the other has some vintage floral designs. 🙂

I’ve had my eye on the Spiderman series for a bit, but haven’t taken the plunge yet.  There are a couple that I have already in the other items, but better to have two than none, I always say!  Plus there is more than enough that I DON’T have that will only enhance my current collection.  Currently, I don’t have any decals or those stones/glitter in my arsenal, and it would be fun to try working with them.

Happy entering!! 


My Julep Maven June Mystery Box

Being a new Maven, I was really excited at the prospect of getting a giant box of product (estimated by Julep to be worth between $60 and $200) for a mere $19.99.  So I ordered it and waited ever so patiently for it to arrive.  It took the average week to get here, and excitedly I ripped into the box.  After I opened it, I was so excited at what I saw I could barely refrain from ripping everything open before getting a picture!!  The first thing I noticed was that it was not a gold box, so I hadn’t gotten Julep’s entire polish collection.  Oh, poo.

Julep June Mystery Box

What a beautiful package!

Julep June Mystery Box Everything

All the goodies in my June Mystery Box. $202 total value of product for $19.99!!

The first products I see are the pedicure products.  The Best Pedi Prep Ever!, The Best Pedi Creme Ever! and Pomegranate Body Scrub are the non-polish treats in my Mystery Box.  Since I am an “It Girl”, I don’t get non-polish items in my boxes usually and these are quite a treat! 

Pedicure items

Non-Polish Treats 🙂

Here are the nail polish items that came in my box, seven in all!  From left to right: Fast Dry Topcoat, Basecoat, Tyler, Maggie, Sandra, Emma and January. Finally, Julep’s Nail Growth Revitalizing Serum.  This alone, at $38 retail value, is worth twice what I spent on the box! <barely containing self>

Julep June Mystery Box Polish

Awesome Polish Haul!

Let’s just say that I will be getting all Mystery boxes from now on.  Hope you all had a great day!

Leslie  (*^_^*)