To-Teally Hot Manicure

Hello, again! Thought I would share another manicure I managed to get done.  It’s another one using stamping, which I think is just about the neatest thing EVER!!!  I’ve got the new 2012 Bundle Monster plates in my mailbox as I type, so this one might not last too long.  We’ll see, there are some really great images on these plates.  Check them out here, if you like.

First here are the colors I used: Finger Paints To-Teally Hot and Orly Decades of Dysfunction.  I’ve managed to use this Orly color a couple times, but this is the first use of To-Teally Hot.  Very nice color, opaque and not at all streaky.  Same with the Orly color too, actually.  Excellent, even coverage with 2 coats.

To-Teally Hot Manicure - Colors

Orly’s Decades of Dysfunction and Finger Paints To-teally Hot

To-teally Hot Bottle

Finger Paints To-Teally hot

Orly Decades of Dysfunction

Orly Decades of Dysfunction

First, I start with a base of To-Teally Hot.  This is a nice, bold summer color. 

To-teally Hot base

To-teally Hot base

Then I stamped a pattern (again with my Cheeky plate) with Decades of Dysfunction.  This stamping thing is really addicting.  So many options, so many more that can be bought.  Can you say DANGER!!!  Put the credit card down and step away from the laptop.  But I digress….

To-Teally Hot Manicure

To-Teally Hot Manicure

Here’s a close-up of the design.  I’m not sure how to describe it, maybe a reverse giraffe print?  Or a regular giraffe print?  haha  Feel free to let me know if you have any better ideas as to what kind of pattern this is.  🙂

In spite of my trying to use new and exciting nail treatments to help my nails get stronger, they seem to be constantly breaking.  With any luck this phase won’t last too long.  If anyone has any tips on a product that they use that has given them good results, I am open to suggestions.  I am using OPI’s Nail Envy Nail Strengthener, but it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. 

To-Teally Hot Close-up

To-Teally Hot Close-up

Thanks for reading – hope you are all having a great weekend.

Leslie  🙂

PS  Today is my mom’s 70th birthday, and we had a nice afternoon together capped off with my mom’s famous Breaded Steak, made by me this time.  I got a thumbs up!!  🙂
PPS   I think I am finally getting a hang of these pictures.  I hope to get better and better with practice, as with anything else.  Enjoy the ride!


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