Agro Skittles Stamp Manicure

This mani uses China Glaze Agro, from the Hunger Games Collection, and Julep’s Kate.  The base coat I used was OPI’s Nail Envy (not shown) and butterLONDON’s HardWear as a top coat.

Agro Skittles Stamp Manicure

Agro Skittles Stamp Manicure

Agro Skittles Manicure Colors

China Glaze’s Agro and Kate by Julep

First I have a base coat of China Glaze Agro, a sort of camo green with a silver shimmer that turns to a sort of yellow in the right light.  I really like the color, it’s perfect for fall and the coming cooler nights!!  It covers well with just two coats, which is really nice.  Actually, I probably could have gotten away with one coat.

China Glaze Agro

China Glaze Agro


China Glaze Agro

China Glaze Agro

Couldn’t decide on a design to stamp, so I went with five.  The plates I used are all from the Bundle Monster 2012 collection and the numbers are 311, 312, 315, 317 and 323.  I used Kate from Julep as the stamping color.  This one might be a bit sheer to use for stamping, but it’s not completely invisible.  In the future I may not use this again to stamp unless it’s over a VERY dark color  🙂

Agro Skittles Stamping Manicure

Agro Skittles Stamping Manicure

This is the first time I’ve done a skittles manicure of any sort, and I am not unhappy with the way it came out.  As usual, I need to work on my camera skills, in addition to making my nails stop breaking, but soon enough.  All in good time.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!! 

Leslie  (*^_^*)


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