These are some wonderful colors – I need to pick up some of these! Black Widow and Autumn Harvest are my favs of the bunch – how about you?
Leslie 🙂

work / play / polish

Today I’m excited to show you Vivid Lacquer’s Halloween Collection! I loooove this collection. I only wish I could have photographed these in the sunlight…but the weather wouldn’t cooperate. I suppose my shadowy indoor lamp adds to the Halloween mystique. I layered each polish over a fairly predictable base coat. I’ll dream up some more exciting combinations in the future. Application was easy with every single polish. All manis are finished with one coat of Seche Vite.

First up is Waning Gibbous. It’s a blue jelly filled with purple, teal and silver (maybe gold) micro and hex glitters. I love jelly sandwiches in a bottle! To give this some depth, I started with one coat of Zoya Song and added one coat of Waning Gibbous with just a touch of dabbing. This is really beautiful.

Next is Autumn Harvest. When I opened my package, this was the first…

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