Dexter Manicure I found

While checking my e-mail today, I came across a simple and wonderful homage to one of my absolute favorite shows – Dexter – in my daily email from NailNarcotics!  While I had seen the blood spatter manicures around, this one added another layer to it in that the manicure is a skittles like the one the Ice Truck Killer liked, hence the name “Ice Truck Killer” Nails.  Needless to say, once I read Ice Truck Killer Nails, I squealed with delight then shouted MOST AWESOME BLOGGER EVER!!!!  But I digress…

Ice Truck Killer Nails by NailNarcotics

Ice Truck Killer Nails by NailNarcotics

Above is a pic of her manicure.  If I hadn’t just painted my nails before reading her e-mail, I would at least have done the skittles part.  I’ve never done a splatter manicure, and figure that is probably more of a weekend manicure attempt, not an in-between-work-voting-and-schoolwork-at-8:30-on-a-Tuesday-night manicure attempt.

Thank you, NailNarcotics, for posting this.  It really made my  night!! 

Anyone out there a fan of Dexter?  If so, how are you liking the new season?  If you don’t watch Dexter, start watching!  It’s a great show about a blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro Homicide who just happens to moonlight as a vigilante serial killer, bringing those to justice who have fallen through the cracks of the judicial process.

Have a nice week all!  Thanks for reading! 




6 thoughts on “Dexter Manicure I found

  1. Everyone seems to love Dexter and I have never watched that show! lol I feel like I am so out of it when it comes to tv because I barely even watch anything…except maybe The Walking Dead. Now that I can’t stop watching!


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