I FINALLY got around to trying this, and it works amazingly well!! I’ve removed 10 full nails of even heavily pigmented colors and only used half a puff! Thanks SO much for the idea IndieLuvlie!!


When I was a girl, I used cotton balls or paper towels and a bottle of nail polish remover to take the color off my nails. It was a messy job, and it took a lot of paper towels, and the cotton balls tended to leave little strings attached to my nails.  As a young adult, I had my nails professionally manicured.

Ah the 80’s…. Where did I get all that money?  I also used to tan… DON’T DO THAT!!! Skin cancer scars aren’t pretty, trust me.

When the twins were born, manicures and tans were quickly forgotten as all of my time and money were devoted to the boys. Since the boys turned 15 or so, I started paying more attention to myself again, but now I’m frugal – we had so little money for many years when they were growing up so I’m uncomfortable paying more than I…

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