Julep’s Nan – June 2013 It Girl

Nan from Julep’s June 2013 It Girl Box

Julep It Girl June 2013

Today I am sharing with you a color from Julep‘s June 2013 It Girl box called Nan.  As you can see in the photo above, the box also includes the colors Char, a navy creme, and Bess, a baby blue creme.  Char and Bess will be coming to you in separate posts at some time in the future.  Julep’s website describes Nan as a Nantucket red creme.  Since I am not familiar with “Nantucket red”, my first impression was a that of a dusty salmon color.  I will say that after googling the term Nantucket red, this is exactly what I see in the returned images.  So in the process of blogging about nails, I’ve added to my bank of trivial knowledge.  Two bird with one stone and whatnot.  But I digress…  🙂

However you describe it, the color was a great application and nicely pigmented, I didn’t have any streaking when applying the color.  These photos are two coats with a clear topcoat (China Glaze Fast Forward, if memory serves).

Julep Nan - It Girl June 2013

I really like Julep’s nail polish, and they usually give me pretty good wear.  Considering I type all day at work then type at night at home for school, blogging or social media, anything over 2-3 days without major chipping is pretty darn good for me.  lol  Does anyone else subscribe to Julep’s Maven boxes and, if so, what do you think?  I’ve been lucky and have had good experiences with them and their customer service.
Julep Nan - It Girl June 2013

As always, thanks for reading.  I hope you all have a great day!!!

OH, I almost forgot!  My first granddaughter was born yesterday!! OMG, right??  Her name is Mia Rose and here is a pic of her adorable little mug. Are there any other blogging grannies out there?  Holla!!!  🙂

Mia Rose - first grandbaby!!

Over and out, all.  Thanks again for stopping by!! 



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