Comic-Con Geek Week Nail Art Challenge – Day 2

Comic-Con Geek Week Nail Art Challenge

Inspired by a TV Show

Hello geeks and nail polish aficionados alike!  Today’s post is another for the Comic-Con Geek Week Nail Art Challenge, day 2, which is inspired by a TV show.  My choice is LOST.

LOST series logo

Yes, I’m a Lostie.  The show is available in its entirety on Blue-Ray and Netflix, and I would definitely recommend you viewing it if you haven’t already.  To give you a short synopsis in case you are not familiar with it, it’s the story of plane-wreck surviving castaways who find themselves on an island with seemingly mystical powers.  The series encompasses 6 seasons (120 episodes) of wonderful story telling, innumerable plot twists and a cast that comes together so perfectly for both the purposes of this tale and keeping at least one female’s attention the WHOLE time (any Sawyer fans, out there?).  My oh my.  Anyhow, on to the nail polish.

Comic-Con Geek Week Day 2 - LOST

The part of the show I chose to represent with my manicure is Charlie Pace’s taped fingers on which he wrote several words over the course of the tape’s life on the show (Love, Hate, Fate, etc).  Since I didn’t want to leave my thumb out of the deal, I included the numbers that are intertwined throughout the story and the various survivors’ lives.  I meant for them to be more randomly positioned, but I couldn’t find my super-fine Sharpie.  Poo.  The polish I used is OPI’s Alpine Snow and a black Sharpie.  Another shot, this time showcasing a nail polish bottle in my hand.

Comic-Con Geek Week LOST mani w/bottle

While I did unsuccessfully search the entire interwebz for a picture of Shannon painting her toenails on the beach as the other survivors searched the wreckage for life-saving food, water and medicine, I did find a picture of her sunning herself while they did so.  Ain’t she a peach? LOL

Shannon suns herself

So, what do you think?  I can’t wait to see everyone else’s manicures this week, make sure to check them out, too, using the links below!

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Thanks for stopping by!!



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