Time For A New Start


Tragedy strikes swatching hand!

OHHHHHH the humanity, how are we to go on????  I’ll tell you how.  With nubs.  LOL


Oh, and some Pure™ Nail Oil!   This nail oil is made with jojoba oil versus almond oil as is found in many cuticle oils.  This jojoba oil is said to more closely resemble our body’s natural oil (sebum) and is absorbed more efficiently into the keratin layers of the nail than others are.  Check out the website here for more information. 

I purchased my Pure Nail Oil some time ago, but I haven’t used it regularly (as you can tell by my gnarly nails and cuticles below).  The recommended initial 3-day Initial Hydration Treatment may not be enough for some, as I have read, and I may continue beyond that if necessary.  Every time I used the oil my nails and cuticles responded very well and I am anxious to see what the full treatment can do.

Pure™ Nail Oil - Starter Kit

The images below show the nails of both hands completely cut down due to the Middle Finger Destruction of 2013, and I have not used any cuticle oil in at least 36-48 hours.  You can see that the cuticles on my middle finger (left hand) are a complete mess and I have dryness and hangnails all over the place.  YUCK!!

Left Hand

On my left hand you will find some really horrible cuticle damage on the middle finger and some hangnails on the pinky finger.


Right Hand

On my right hand there is also some serious dryness and hangnail issues also.  I am looking forward to seeing some healthy skin and non-splitting nails to come with the oil treatment.


During this nail rehab, I will post previously-photographed-and-yet-to-be-posted polishes along with progress photos of my nail treatment and growth. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Time For A New Start

  1. I hate nubs myself. I call them “Hobbit fingers”. LOL. I’m a religious user of various oils on my nails and cuticles. Some are better than others, and some downright miraculous in their ability to heal everything quickly.


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