butter LONDON – Branwen’s Feather


Today’s polish is from butter LONDON and it’s called Branwen’s Feather. It’s a lovely deep purple/aubergine that has a subtle silver and bluish shimmer.  For this manicure I used Seche Rebuild as a base, two coats of polish and one layer of Cult Nails Wicked Fast on top.  It dries to a nice shine on its own, though, and does offer full coverage in two coats.  Application and drying time were good, this definitely not a runny or thick, clumpy polish.


butter London's Branwen's Feather


It’s definitely a dark shade of purple, but the shimmer gives it a bit of brightness.  In the sunshine, this polish shows off more of it’s silver shimmer than the blue sparkliness.  That is a special treat that is saved for the flash of a camera it would seem.


butter London's Branwen's Feather


Here is a look at it with the flash of a camera, you see the blue so much more. This polish remind me a bit of one I have from SOPI, Just a Little Dangerous, I will have to see if I can’t throw up some comparison photos at some point. I believe that one may have a bit more blue in the base color though.


butter London's Branwen's Feather

Branwen’s Feather – Flash


I hope you liked this polish. Do any of you have it or like it?  Thanks for taking some time out of your day to take a peek at my blog.  Feel free to leave a comment, I like to hear all your opinions about the polishes I put up. May you all have a great week ahead!  




3 thoughts on “butter LONDON – Branwen’s Feather

  1. Pretty. This definitely looks like a few colors I already own though. I think it’s easy, after a while, to start comparing the actual colors. The formulas are never exact, but the colors are so easy to match.


    • True, SO many similar colors. It’s bound to happen with so many lines and collections. Now that I have so many, I should throw up some comparison posts. I’m sure I could make a blog of just those at some point. 🙂


      • I agree. There are countless brands and I know I have so many colors that are damn near the same from brand to brand. The only real difference is texture, wearability, etc., and of course, who puts what into their polishes.

        I like colors with a bit of shimmer to them or true metallics (depending on my mood), and the colors can all be the same and wear differently. After a while, you either become a brand snob or you stick with what works for you. I think you could do a ton of comparison blog posts with colors. I find myself passing on shades when I know I have one exactly like it at home, or that a company put one out just like it two collections ago, and I have it. I’m trying to become more selective, but they just keep throwing colors at us constantly.


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