Cult Nails It’s a New Day Collection

Happy Sunday all!  I hope you had an enjoyable weekend and feel rested and refreshed and ready for the week ahead.  LOLOLOL  I know, I know, but still.  

Today I have a polish collection to share with you from one of my favorite polish makers, Cult Nails.  Maria makes wonderful polishes that I always seem to find the irresistible urge to buy! Her frequent sales and discounted collection pre-sales help to make this possible. ^_^  Today’s collection is the recently released It’s A New Day.  Funny story about this one, I placed my order a couple days before the end of the pre-sale and was excited to get my shipping information confirmed when the items were packaged.  They were shipped on 4/30 with an anticipated delivery date of 5/2.  May 2nd came and went and no polish. They seem to have taken a detour between the Orlando sort facility and my home in south central Pennsylvania as they were eventually delivered on May 12th after a trouble ticket and a couple calls to the USPS.  Did they go to Disney, Universal Studios or check out the New Harry Potter attractions?  Maybe visit some of my friends that still live in Florida?  The world may never know.  But I digress.  Now, on to the beautiful spring polishes…… 

New Day is a very pale yellow creme that is a bit sheer and offers full coverage in three coats. As most of Maria’s polishes, it dries to a high shine. I added a layer of topcoat anyhow, just because I’m that kind of gal.  It’s very bright in spite of its pale color, and reminds me almost of the color of whipped butter and sugar like you would have when making cookies or banana bread.  Mmmmm, banana bread. I have some bananas that need to be used soon so I will likely be making some in the coming days.  Check out the pics below of New Day taken with a photo flash. 


Cult Nails New Day Indirect Sunlight


Cult Nails New Day Indirect Sunlight



The next color in this collection is Evolution.  Evolution is a very sheer muted salmon color. Like New Day, it builds and gives the opacity shown in three thin layers.  This color looks a wee bit lighter than a well cooked piece of salmon.  It’s a very light shade, much lighter than I am used to wearing, but I did like it. A color like this would even work if you have a job that is very strict about their employees wearing funky or bright nail polish colors. Thankfully, I have never worked anywhere like this, but I hear they do exist.  The pictures below were taken with a photo flash.


Cult Nails Evolution Flash


Cult Nails Evolution Flash



Last but not least, we have Falling Hard.  Falling Hard is very bright and girly “on Wednesdays we wear pink” pink.   Actually, this is what I would call a ‘bubblegum’ shade of pink.  This one was not sheer at all and was almost completely opaque with a single coat, although I used two in the photos below.  There’s also a layer of topcoat shown. Sorry for the sloppy cuticles, but I didn’t notice that until after I started editing the photos. I know it will be a crushing blow for everyone out there to know that I am an imperfect human, fallible like the rest, but it’s time you knew this about me. That is if it wasn’t glaringly obvious by now.  The first shot is with a photo flash, the second was under fluorescent lighting. 


Cult Nails Falling Hard Flash


Cult Nails Falling Hard Indoor Light


 Finally a little about the stamping plate that came with this collection (yes, on TOP of the discounted pre-sale price I got a free stamping plate with purchase!!).  I was so excited to see the argyle pattern on this plate and knew that it would work perfectly with the colors in this collection. I chose to use the base of New Day and stamp with Falling Hard.  


Cult Nails stamping plate



I also used my squishy stamper for the second time on this one. Sadly, it didn’t seem to want to be a part of the magic and I got the results shown below.  Check out my facebook shot of the stamper HERE and the images I was getting. This is only the second time I have used this and it was primed and working on the first time I used it.  With any luck it’s beginner’s error and I will get it working.  Otherwise, I will be one sad polish addict.


It's A New Day stamping mishap


Well, that’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Now I am off to do school and house work. Joy *feigning enthusiasm and motivation*.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend (or your Monday if you’re reading from down under!).  See you all again soon!  





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