Memorial Day Manicure

Memorial Day is a very important day here in the United States. It’s the day on which we take pause to memorialize and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while defending democracy and freedom as a member of the US Armed Forces.  Below is a picture of my father, a man who dedicated his entire adult life to his country and community.  First as a Radioman Chief in the Navy for 18 years until his medical discharge, then as a dispatcher for the Miami-Dade Fire Department.  While he didn’t die in battle, I would like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of him and all the other service men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting people around the globe.


Leslie's Dad - US Navy


The holiday also enables me to create a manicure to commemorate the holiday.  I know I am late in getting this post done, but I still wanted to share it with you all.  The red white and blue polishes I chose for this look are shown below: Ciate‘s Angel Wings, Colors by Llarowe‘s Courage, Brains, Heart and Different Dimension‘s The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me.  The Ciate polish, my first from this brand, came from my latest Glossybox, the other two from last month’s A Box, Indied.  I’ve bought several CbL and Different Dimension polishes before, and these applied as well as they have in the past.  The Ciate was new to me, but it also applied very well, giving the opaqueness shown with two coats (as with the other colors).


Memorial Day Mani colors: Ciate Angel Wings, Different dimension The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me, Colors by Llarowe, Courage, Brains, Heart


After looking through my stamping plates and finding several with stars on them, I finally decided to use my Cheeky plate CH5 to give this look the added patriotism it needed.  This is a plate I hadn’t used yet, so I can’t wait to try out all these other patterns.  🙂

Memorial Day Mani Stamping Plate - Cheeky CH5



The red holo stamped  MUCH  than the blue, I will have to make note of this. I then decided to add some white stars to the red and blue nails. That effect was equally unimpressive unless caught in the right light.  But, here it is, my holiday manicure.  Pardon my nubs, also, in spite of oiling regularly I’ve been experiencing a LOT of breakage lately. If only I had Meg Griffin’s power to grow fingernails. *sighing wistfully*


Leslie's Memorial day manicure



I hope everyone had a nice day, whether you were off with family and friends celebrating or if you had to work.  Thanks for stopping by, may the week ahead be pleasant and short.



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