A Box, Indied – June 2014

Hello, all!  I hope you are having a nice week.  It’s hump day and all downhill from here!  I have FINALLY put together my post for this month’s A Box, Indied collection from Llarowe.  This month’s box came with four polishes from Girly Bits, Jindie Nails, Different dimension and a hand scrub from Glisten & Glow.  I love the inclusion of a product for hand and/or nail care. Last month there was a nail and cuticle oil, also from Glisten & Glow, and I feel that these items complement the nail polishes wonderfully. To have beautiful nails you must care for your hands and cuticles also!

While I did try the hand scrub, I didn’t get photographs of it. 😦  When I first opened it after being in my mailbox all day it was quite runny.  Thankfully, after a bit of time to cool off and settle, it firmed up and looked more as I had expected it to.  I used it and am very happy with not only the way my hands felt afterwards but the soft, beachy scent. This scrub lives up to its name, Wild Nights in Seaside Heights. It’s a softly sweet, tropical/fruity smell that’s not at all overpowering.  I will be using this regularly to help get rid of dead skin and keep my hands smooth and supple.  Now on to the polishes!

A Box, Indied -  June 2014 in box


The first polish shown is Love Ya Beach! from Girly Bits.  This is a glitter polish consisting of gold and teal hex glitter along with a bit of holo and gold glitter all in a clear base.  This polish would likely be completely opaque with 3 coats and I have shown two here with base and topcoat.  As if it wasn’t completely obvious, there was an incident between polishing and photographing. A bit of vigorous oil application before the polish was completely dry led to what you see below.  Since I was too lazy frustrated to re-apply and take new photos.  COME ON, you guys KNOW what pain in the ass it is to remove glitter polish.  It’s quite upsetting, but it could be worse. I could NOT have this polish, right? You’ve got to have proper perspective in all things.  🙂


Girly Bits Love Ya Beach! from A Box, Indied June 2014


Girly Bits Love Ya Beach! from A Box, Indied June 2014


Next in line is a polish from Jindie Nails called Kangaroo, Take Me Away.  This is a white crelly base with circle and hex glitters in gold, copper blue/teal and holographic colors. It was really easy to apply and the coverage shown below is achieved with with three thin coats. This is my second Jindie Nails polish and both are of like quality.  I really like this color and can see it being used as a base for some serious stamping.  It also lasted at least three days without chipping, which was a really pleasant surprise. When I wear glitter polishes I usually tend to pick at them and cause a lot of premature chipping, but not with this one.


Jindie Nails - Kangaroo, Take Me Away


Jindie Nails - Kangaroo, Take Me Away



Different dimension’s offering this month comes in the form of Pelican Village.  It’s a neon pink with a golden shimmer that I am glad I was able to capture for you.  Sometimes when a polish has a subtle shimmer like this I find it difficult to capture it but this one wasn’t hiding at all, and I am happy about that.  This polish was almost completely opaque with two coats and the application was as good as all the other polishes I have from this maker.  The first photo is shown with a flash and the second is in indirect natural light.  It’s amazing how different the color looks between the two settings, the indirect natural light makes the polish seem almost a bit orange. Very interesting, don’t you think? 


Different dimension - Pelican Village


Different dimension - Pelican Village


Last (but not least) is Escape To Palm Springs from Hare Polish.  This is also my second polish from Hare and I am really loving them both.  This polish is a cornflower blue with hot pink, gold and orange circle and hex glitters.  I used two coats and there is a bit of VNL (nail equivalent of visible panty line lol) so I’m confident that three coats would have given a completely opaque nail.  It was easy to apply and just an absolutely gorgeous color. I don’t know what it is about blue polishes, but I really love them in any form!  Add some glitters and I am hooked even more.  Both photos below are shown under indirect natural light.


Hare Polish - Escape To Palm Springs


Hare Polish - Escape To Palm Springs


So those are the polishes in this month’s subscription, are there any that you love?  This is my third box and I love every item I’ve received so far.  Make sure to check out the makers’ social media accounts linked below to get a better look at their beautiful creations.  In addition to the sites each of these maker’s own, their polishes are also available for purchase from Llarowe.  Just remember, the items in the A Box, Indied are exclusive to the box and not available for purchase individually.  Thank you for stopping by, I hope you all have a great second half of the week! 

Glisten & Glow on facebook and their Big Cartel store

Girly Bits on facebook and Twitter

Different dimension on facebook and her Etsy store

Jindie Nails on facebook and Twitter

Hare Polish on facebook and Twitter




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