Man Vs. Food Vs. Social Media

Completely of topic, but I saw this today and had to share.

This is a sad story. To use a term like that is bad enough, but to resort to insults when it’s brought to your attention instead of either acknowledging the fact that it was used in error/without understating what it means or saying to oneself “hey, maybe I shouldn’t glamorize eating disorders by using that word….”?? So wrong. I hope he loses the ugly inside because losing weight clearly didn’t help in that respect.

Shame on you, Adam. Shame! 😦

Adipose Activist


(trigger warning for eating disorders and misogynistic language)

Hey all. I’ve really let this blog fall by the wayside, what with school and work and general inability to focus long enough to write a real post, but here I am!


So, most of you are probably familiar with Adam Richman, the dude from Man Vs. Food, a show on the Travel Channel. (the general gist is he goes on ~eating challenges~ across the country and eats vomit-inducing portions at local restaurants. That’s it. There’s no real redeeming factor here.) I’ve never liked Adam, he’s always given off a super entitled vibe and I’ve heard many stories about people going to meet him and him locking himself in his production van or ignoring fans.



He was a chubby dude the whole time the show was going on, but recently he’s lost a bunch of weight. D-list celebrities losing…

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