A Box, Indied – July 2014

Happy Saturday, all!  I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July (or Friday/week if not in the States lol).  Here in Pennsylvania, we had beautiful and unseasonable weather, in the upper 70s, and it was down to 70 by the time the fireworks started. It really was a very nice day.  I am more of a winter girl than a summer one, so for me to say that there was nice weather on the holiday and the day before (my birthday) is almost unheard of! LOL  But I digress……. Today I have the latest A Box, Indied collection for July 2014.  This month’s theme is “A Fair To Remember” and the colors in this box are a nice, summery representation of that theme.

A Box, Indied - July 2014  

The first color up is Deep Fried Everything from Black Cat Lacquer.  This polish starts with a white jelly base and is packed with pink, purple, blue, lime, orange and holographic round glitter, some star/triangle holo glitters and a subtle, holographic microshimmer. It wasn’t hard work to get a nice even spread of these colors as I applied and application of this polish was very easy. The colors of the glitter are very bright, neon really, and they make me think of cotton candy and all the stuffed animals at the various game booths at the local fair.  The photos below are three light coats (with Zoya base and top coats) and were taken in sunlight.

Black Cat Lacquer Deep Fried Everything Black Cat Lacquer Deep Fried Everything  

The next polish in this collection is Bright Lights, Small City from Contrary Polish.  It’s a sheer, dark  blue jelly with a shimmer of pink and orange.  This color makes me think of fireworks on the fourth of July against the dark, summer night sky.   The polish is sheer, and the photos below show three light coats (base and top coats, also). The first is in direct sunlight and the second indirect sunlight.  

A_Box_Indied_July_2014_Contrary_Polish_Bright_Lights_Small_City_Sun_01_LeslieLovesNails A_Box_Indied_July_2014_Contrary_Polish_Bright_Lights_Small_City_Sun_02_LeslieLovesNails

  Next up is Freaks at the Fair from Jindie Nails.  This polish has a minty green base and is chock full of blue, red, yellow, holo and white square, round and hex glitters. There is absolutely no fishing for glitter when applying this polish.  It actually is a bit on the thick side, but nothing a few drops of thinner can’t resolve. The mint colored green makes me think of pistachio ice cream with glittery chunks of ‘nuts’ throughout. The pics below are three light coats and you can see it is completely opaque.  The first photo below is full daylight and the second is daylight with a flash.  

A_Box_Indied_July_2014_Jindie_Nails_Freaks_at_The_Fair_Sun_01_LeslieLovesNails A_Box_Indied_July_2014_Jindie_Nails_Freaks_at_The_Fair_Sun-wFlash_01_LeslieLovesNails

  Elevation Polish has a beautiful polish in this collection called Atop a Ferris Wheel.  This is a pale lavender/periwinkle creme polish with a silver and pink flakie/shimmer.  As with other Elevation Polishes I have, the formula is great and application was easy.  This color makes me think of the color you might get if you combined pink and blue cotton candy and threw on some sparkly sugar crystals for good measure.  This color works well in both spring and summer, as the shade is light and colorful.  The first photo below was taken in sunlight and the second was indoors with a photo flash.  

Elevation Polish Atop a Ferris Wheel Elevation Polish Atop a Ferris Wheel

  Last, but not least, is a glitter polish from Dollish Polish called This Ring Toss Is Rigged!.  This polish consists of a clear base packed with multicolor and multi-sized square, round and ring-shaped glitters.  As with many glittery polishes, this one was a bit thick but a couple drops of thinner made it a bit easier to work with.  You may also want to turn this one over a couple minutes before use (or store upside down) as the glitters to settle a bit.  The photo below are two coats with base/top coat and was taken indoors with a flash.  

Dollish Polish This Ring Toss Is Rigged!

  This second photo below shows two coats of This Ring Toss Is Rigged! over to coats of Atop a Ferris Wheel taken in daylight.  As you can see there is a nice spread of glitter and this polish would loot great as a topper over any light or dark polish.  This polish is very fun and summery, full of color and life.  


  So, what do you think of the colors in this collection, does any one of these tickle your polish fancy?  In addition to the Llarowe website, these polish makers have their own sites, stores and social media pages. Make sure to check them out below and all their other available polishes.

Black Cat Lacquer on facebook and online at www.blackcatlacquer.com

Contrary Polish on facebook and online at www.ContraryPolish.com

Jindie Nails on facebook and Twitter

Elevation Polish online at www.elevationpolish.bigcartel.com/

Dollish  Polish on facebook and Twitter 

Thanks for stopping by – enjoy the rest of your weekend!!  🙂



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