On Wednesdays we wear pink with Devious Nature from Cult Nails

Guess what day it is???  

Photo courtesy of www.redbubble.com

Photo courtesy of http://www.redbubble.com

Happy hump day!!

I know, I know, that’s SO three months ago.  I had an urge and I went with it. 🙂

On Wednesdays we wear pink!  I just love the movie Mean Girls, how about you guys?  There are even several Mean Girls themed polishes in my collection, and I inevitably have to stop and watch the movie if I catch it on.  Totally a guilty pleasure, I’ll admit.  I also love to memorialize and celebrate its hilarity and the Plastics code by wearing and/or posting pink nail polish on Wednesdays.

Cult Nails recently had a sale to celebrate 200K likes on Facebook (Congrats, Maria!!) and of course I had to participate.  It was so much fun, I was able to pick up this polish and several others for 50% off!   Make sure to keep an eye on your favorite polish makers’ social media pages (facebook, twitter, instagram) as it’s a great way to stay in the loop as far as sales and new color releases go.  Anyhow, on to today’s pink polish.  

Today’s pink polish is Devious Nature from Cult Nails.  This shade is a deep bubblegum pink that leans the slightest bit purple. It’s a highly pigmented polish that is completely opaque and dries to glossy shine in two coats (shown below with base and top coats).  This creme is not in any way pastel, but it’s not quite bright enough to be considered hot pink or neon. This color would be flattering to either a fair or tan complexion.

Cult Nails - Devious Nature
Cult Nails - Devious Nature   

Cult Nails - Devious Nature


Does anyone have this polish, or what is your favorite pink nail polish? Feel free to drop a comment and let me know. 

As always, thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week!  🙂



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