Cult Nails – Feel Me Up

Hello, everyone!   I hope you are having a great weekend so far.  Today I wanted to go for a very summery and bright polish, and one in a color I don’t usually wear: yellow.  This is where Feel Me Up from Cult Nails comes into the picture.  This is another polish from my recent 50% off haul from the Cult Nails site (celebrating her 200K likes on facebook, if I am not mistaken). So many great polishes and so much less than I would have spent without the sale!  🙂

Cult Nails Feel Me Up

The first (and second) thing you will likely notice is that there is what looks like a streak of polish on the lid of this bottle.  This is the way my polish was made and, by golly, I am not going to try and change it! lol  I actually have another bottle that came to me with a wee bit of a spot of polish on the outside. It’s still there, too.  🙂  You may also notice that the indoor light with flash photo before is MUCH less bright then the full sun photos shown below.  

 This polish is a rich, almost raw-egg-yolk yellow that is bright, cheerful and highly pigmented (as are all Cult Nails polishes).  These photos show two coats with a base and top coat (Zoya Anchor and Armor).  This polish would likely be good to use in stamping due to its rich color. (note to self, add property ‘stampability’ to my polish spreadsheet). 

Cult Nails Feel Me Up

Cult Nails Feel Me Up


I hope you liked today’s polish. Are you a fan of yellow shades? I will admit this is probably only the second or third time I’ve painted my nails yellow in the last couple years, but I really like it.  Remember to follow Cult Nails on all their social media channels to keep up with the latest release and sale information. 

Cult Nails

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Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon!!



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