A England – Rose Bower

Happy hump day everybody!  I hope your week is moving along smoothly, and if not ……… I hope it’s over quickly!  🙂

Today I have a polish brand that is new to me, A England.  One whose polish I have lusted for almost as long as I’ve been a polish aficionado.  Rose Bower is the color that finally made me take the plunge.  It seems that more A England polishes are in my future. Let’s take a look……..

A England Rose Bower

Rose Bower is a lovely red holographic polish.  It’s not a linear holo like so many I have and love, but a scattered holo with specs of color shining randomly throughout.  In low light it simply looks like a red polish with a bit of shimmer, but add sunlight or a camera flash and it comes to life with all its holographic beauty.  The application with this polish was very smooth and dry time was average.  Photos shown are two coats of polish with a base and top coat.  The bottle photo above and macro below were taken in full sunlight.  The swatch photos were taken indoors with a camera flash.  

A England Rose Bower Macro

A England Rose Bower

A England Rose Bower

 Last, but not least, something Google+ did for me with my photos. It ‘auto-awesomed’ my swatch photos.  I thought this was pretty cool and wanted to share it.  I really need to find my PSP/Animation Shop numbers and get that working again. I am sure I can do some REALLY cool stuff with it, given the chance.  

A England Animation

I hope you have enjoyed checking out A England’s Rose Bower today.  This polish came to me by way of the llarowe website.  It can also be purchased directly from A England here.   Do you have or love this polish, or have another A England that just makes your heart skip a beat?  Let me know, there are several off the top of my head that I would love to get my hands on.  

Have a great week!!  🙂 



18 thoughts on “A England – Rose Bower

  1. I have this polish, too, and I love the colour, but I find it SO hard to work with. My bottle at least is super thick and wants to dry lumpy about two seconds after it has hit my nails. But the colour is divine. 🙂


  2. I only recently discovered AEngland too, and ordered a couple, since Brijit said they have the BEST black, and that’s very true!

    This colour is gorgeous, such a complex shade. Love your macro shots!


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