Cousin Machin from LilypadLacquer

Today I have another LilypadLacquer from The Addams Family collection called Cousin Machin.

LilypadLacquer Cousin Machin Collage LeslieLovesNails


Cousin Machin is a purplish-dark blue polish with a ton of holographic sparkle and a slight color shift to purple/pink in the right light. Sadly without much sunlight I wasn’t able to capture the true sparkle of the linear holo, but it’s there. This is a deep, rich color that is opaque with a single coat. All the colors I’ve tried so far in this collection are very highly pigmented and basically one-coaters. Here is a post I did on Pugsley from the same collection. Photos were taken indoors with a photo flash unless noted.  



LilypadLacquer Cousin Machin  LeslieLovesNails


I decided that it had been too long since I had done any stamping, so I brought out my Marianne Nails plates and added a bit of a spring touch to this dark color. I took my Konad silver polish and decided to add some flowers from plate no. 47 to this beautiful blue. It seems I’ve finally been able to capture a bit of the holographic sparkle that makes me love this polish.


LilypadLacquer Cousin Machin LeslieLovesNails


Indirect light (below)

LilypadLacquer Cousin Machin LeslieLovesNails


In case anyone would like to see the whole plate, here you go. Lots of cute images on here in addition to the flowers and they seem to pick up very well. 


Marianne Nails Plate No 47 Leslie Loves Nails


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like today’s polish and nail art. Check out the links below if you’d like to check out LilypadLacquer or Marianne Nails’ stamping plates. Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Shop LilypadLacquer on Llarowe

Shop Marianne Nails stamping plates



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