TGIF with Different Dimension’s Big Bang

TGIF, folks! The week has almost come to an end and I feel a bit of celebratory nail polish is in order, don’t you? For those of you who work on Saturdays thinking, “Screw you, I have to work tomorrow!”, you have my deepest sympathies. Rest assured that this post will be available to you any day of the week to celebrate YOUR Friday!  😉  Now let’s get to today’s polish.

Big Bang from Different Dimension is described as “a densely packed glitter that is meant to be worn by itself with 3 different sizes of holographic silver glitter, in a holographic base”. When I first got this polish I threw it over a dark shade to see how it would accent it, and it nearly covered it completely. I was surprised at how densely packed this polish really is. My photos here show two coats in sunlight. This polish really catches the light, it’s one you’ll want to stare at whenever you are in full sunlight. It’s like having a disco ball on your fingers!

Different Dimension - Big Bang - Sunlight

Different Dimension - Big Bang - Sunlight

Different Dimension - Big Bang - Sunlight


Take a minute to try and guess what happens when you add one Pet’la stamping plate Basics 1 and a bottle of Konad black polish?




Voila!!! I know the cleanup is sub-par, but I really like this look. It’s been a while since I stamped, so I am glad I was able to get them all presentable. For the life of me I couldn’t find the name of this plate. Thanks to a girl in a facebook group I’m in, I now know the name. I love facebook for so many reasons! And not only because an acquaintance in Hungary in help me with a blog post!  🙂


Different Dimension - Big Bang - Stamped with Pet'la plate and Konad black


Here’s a macro shot I took. I really don’t think I have the hang of macro photography yet. Practice makes perfect though, right?


Different Dimension - Big Bang - Stamped with Pet'la plate and Konad black


That’s all for today,I hope you like this polish. Let me know if you have this one, feel free to share your thoughts on this shade. Have a great weekend, all!  


Different dimension on facebook, Twitter and her Big Cartel store


2 thoughts on “TGIF with Different Dimension’s Big Bang

  1. In high school and university I worked retail, and when people came in on Friday all “TGIF!” I wanted to brain them with whatever was on hand. I think pretty nails – this polish is so beautiful! – might have made that a little more tolerable.

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