Orly Red Flare – Bargain find!

Breaking Bargain News!


Howdy, folks! I know it’s been a while, and I appreciate those that stick around for my now and again blogging style lol. I’ve got so many polish pics taken and just need to put posts together. There are actually a handful in draft status that I will work on getting posted in the near future. The world needs to see my nails, and I am going to show them! Eventually.  But I digress, I am hear to talk about an amazing bargain I found, not my shortcomings as a blogger…….

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Zoya Sarah

Hi, everybody!  (in my head hearing everyone respond Hi, Dr Nick!).  Sorry, two words into my post and I am already off on a tangent and having a Simpsons flashback. Oh boy, one of those days I suppose.   🙂

Today I have for you a shimmery, metallic red polish from Zoya called Sarah.  I’m pretty sure I got this one and a bunch of her friends during their Earth Day Polish Exchange when their bottles are between $4 and $5 for their normally $8 and $9 products.  It’s nice to get a bargain, don’t you think?  Sarah has a ton of sparkle in the right light and a glimpse of it in bad/no light. Really a shiny, bright polish with a bit of Christmas to the color.  For me you know this is a GREAT thing, since I am a cold weather lover and love to be reminded during the heat of summer that snow is only a couple months away.  🙂  The pic of the bottle was taken in full sunlight, the other photos are with indirect sunlight.

Zoya Sarah in sunlight


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Opi Vant To Bite My Neck?

Hey, everybody!  I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  So far so good here. I am cat-sitting for friends/neighbors so my cats are wondering why I have strange smells on me.  You cat lovers know that look they give you, as if to say, “Where have YOU been and WHO have you been PETTING!?!?”.  I suppose it’s the equivalent of a man who’s spoken for coming home to his lady with stripper glitter all over him.  LOL  Cats, gotta love ’em.

This is another of my Smart Style Salon bargains.  Check here for more information if you are not familiar with Smart Style Salons and their love of selling OPI polishes Buy One Get TWO Free! Seriously.  Not one part of that scenario makes me mad. *sweet smile* Anyhow, I have more OPI Polish on the menu today.  OPI Vant To Bite My Neck? comes to me from 2013’s Euro Centrale Collection. So many clever names for these polishes, huh?  This is the truest purple creme polish I own. It’s dark and smooth and in some lighting actually takes on a bit of a dusty look.  This polish could be used as a single layer polish if you really wanted to save some time.

OPI Vant To Bite My Neck?


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OPI Scores A Goal!

Hello, all!  I hope you all are having a great week so far. I have been looking for a job for a couple weeks, with my recent contract position ending, and am also looking to move from an administrative role to a more technical one in the process.  That makes a job search really interesting, let me tell ya.  I had an interview for what would be my FIRST EVER technical job in an SAP support role and I think it actually went well.  I am three classes away from my Bachelor’s in Computer Science, so it’s about time I put my “nerdy girl” pants on and got into the field I wanted to be in.   Time will tell if this is the first step, but it’s on my mind and wanted to share. But I digress.  What I really wanted to talk to you about is today’s polish…..

Today I am sharing OPI Scores A Goal! from the Spring/Summer 2014 Brazil Collection.  Looks like I am a day (at least) late and a dollar short on riding the coattails of FIFA’s World Cup frenzy, huh?  Wish me better luck in 2016 (and hope for anther coordinating polish set being released relating to the host country).  Anyhow, back to the polish lol.  This color is a very rich, brown-leaning purple polish. Maybe a purple leaning brown?  Take your pick.  I’ve seen this described as a purplish-red or grey, but there seems to be more brown in this color than red or grey to me.  I suppose it could depend on the skin tone of the person wearing it?

OPI Scores a Goal!

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Cult Nails – Feel Me Up

Hello, everyone!   I hope you are having a great weekend so far.  Today I wanted to go for a very summery and bright polish, and one in a color I don’t usually wear: yellow.  This is where Feel Me Up from Cult Nails comes into the picture.  This is another polish from my recent 50% off haul from the Cult Nails site (celebrating her 200K likes on facebook, if I am not mistaken). So many great polishes and so much less than I would have spent without the sale!  🙂

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Elevation Polish – Rapa Nui

Today I have another polish from Elevation Polish called Rapa Nui.  This is part of a blog sale haul you can see a pic of here, and I am really enjoying it.  The polishes from Elevation that I have tried thus far are great to work with and have amazing color.

Elevation Polish Rapa Nui

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Color Club Halo Hues 2013 – Eternal Beauty

Eternal Beauty

Eternal Beauty

Hello, everyone!  I hope you are having a nice day.  If you’re not, take a look at this beautiful polish and smile as you bask in its holographic beauty!  It’s Eternal Beauty!  This polish is a part of Color Club‘s 2013 Halo Hues collection, one of my first forays into holographic polishes.  I stumbled upon this set for quite a deal and had to grab the whole thing, of course.  For more info on where I got this set, check my earlier post here.

Eternal Beauty Flash

Eternal Beauty – Flash

This color is a bright purple with a linear holographic effect that just begs to be stared at.  In some lights it looks almost blue.  It’s just amazing and I am glad every time I see it that I bought it.  The application of this polish was good and photos show two coats and a single later of topcoat (can’t remember which, sorry).  Eventually I will get all the polishes from this collection swatched and posted to the blog.  All the colors are just gorgeous and the holo effect of these polishes is amazing. 

Eternal Beauty Flash

Eternal Beauty Flash

I hope you’re all having a great week!  Thanks for stopping by.


JulieG Rock Candy Swatches

JulieG Rock Candy

FrostedGumDrops Collection

JulieG Rock Candy no topcoat

Rock Candy from JulieG‘s FrostedGumDrops collection is the polish I have for you today.  This came to me by way of a deal that Groupon had a couple months back, where the set was only $12.99!  I could NOT pass that deal up.  My only regret is that I didn’t get another set for gifting or a giveaway.  This is the first textured polish I’ve tried.  As soon as the ‘sandy’ look came out, I wasn’t sure how fond of it I would be, if at all.  What I love about polish is its glossy, smooth shine, and this did not seem to fit the bill.  After seeing many swatches and blog posts about this, I decided to take the plunge.

JulieG Rock Candy no topcoat

As you can see, Rock Candy is a pale teal polish with the obvious silver glitter strewn throughout. The polish should be applied in thin coats for best results, according to the website’s description, and I would have to agree that using thick layers could cause this polish to chunk up rather quickly.  It’s also stated that the polish can take up to 10 minutes to dry fully, so definitely take that into consideration when painting your nails with any of the polishes from this collection. 

JulieG Rock Candy no topcoat

For the truly matte and textured appearance of this polish you should not use a topcoat.  The pictures above show the polish this way.  Below is the polish with two coats of Seche Vite.  This allows you to still see all the glittery goodness of this polish while smoothing it out and giving that high gloss shine that I really love about polish. 

JulieG Rock Candy with topcoat

Thanks for taking a peek into my polish obsession today.  Feel free to leave any comments below, I do love to hear from those who stop by.  Hope you have a happy hump day!


Dysfunctional Fashionista

It all started with an awesome bargain find at Ulta.  While checking their clearance area I found this awesome set of minis.  While I am not necessarily a Kardashian “fan”, who can pass up cute polish at a great price! Not THIS gal <points at self>….

The set below contains mini versions of four colors:

My Empire… My Rules is a charcoal grey creme
Follow Me on Glitter is a gunmetal/charcoal grey glitter polish full of multicolored hex glitter
Khloé Had a Little Lam-Lam is a dark teal/forest green creme
Hard-Kourt Fashionista. is a deep brown with a bit of a red undertone.  This is the one I am using in today’s manicure.

These colors are great for fall/winter, as they are dark, rich and very warm.

Super bargain from Ulta!

Nicole by OPI “Sophisti-cuties” includes (from left to right):
My Empire… My Rules, Follow Me on Glitter, Khloé Had a Little Lam-Lam and Hard-Kourt Fashionista

At first I was going to just do a manicure with the lighter accent nail and dots in the darker color.  I’ve been playing around with dots a lot lately and figured it would look nice.  I liked the way the accent nail looked so much that I decided to carry the dots throughout the manicure!  It looks like my middle and ring fingers weren’t as dry as I thought, as you probably notice a bit of a smear in the dots.  I still love this look, though, and I am sure I will be using it again.

Dysfunctional Fashionista

Dysfunctional Fashionista

Here is a shot with the wee little bottle of Hard-Kourt Fashionista.

Nicole by OPI Hard-Kourt Fashionista

Nicole by OPI Hard-Kourt Fashionista

Here is another shot with the Decades of Dysfunction bottle.  This color seems to pop up a lot in my manicures.  I think it’s my favorite of the Dark Shadows Collection from Orly.  It’s not completely nude but it still goes well with a number of other colors.

Orly's Decades of Dysfunction

Orly’s Decades of Dysfunction

That’s it for now.  I hope you all enjoyed this design.  What neat things have any of you done with your dotting tools?  Let me know, I am always looking for new ways to work in dots!

Thanks for reading!

Leslie (*^_^*)