Dance All Night from Black Cat Lacquer

Today’s polish is Dance All Night from Black Cat Lacquer courtesy of January 2015’s A Box, Indied. For those not familiar, this is a monthly polish subscription being offered through October 2015, I believe, that includes nail polish from a group of indie polish makers, more information is available here. The boxes are themed and get very creative. January 2015’s theme was “New Debts, New Diets, NEW POLISH.” This polish and its array of color and sparkle brings to mind a New Year’s celebration for me. How about you? 


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Orly Red Flare – Bargain find!

Breaking Bargain News!


Howdy, folks! I know it’s been a while, and I appreciate those that stick around for my now and again blogging style lol. I’ve got so many polish pics taken and just need to put posts together. There are actually a handful in draft status that I will work on getting posted in the near future. The world needs to see my nails, and I am going to show them! Eventually.  But I digress, I am hear to talk about an amazing bargain I found, not my shortcomings as a blogger…….

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Memorial Day Manicure

Memorial Day is a very important day here in the United States. It’s the day on which we take pause to memorialize and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while defending democracy and freedom as a member of the US Armed Forces.  Below is a picture of my father, a man who dedicated his entire adult life to his country and community.  First as a Radioman Chief in the Navy for 18 years until his medical discharge, then as a dispatcher for the Miami-Dade Fire Department.  While he didn’t die in battle, I would like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of him and all the other service men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting people around the globe.


Leslie's Dad - US Navy

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SquareHue Salute Collection July 2013

Today’s post is devoted to SquareHue’s Salute Collection for July 2013.  You’ve seen many polishes from SquareHue if you follow and will likely see many more if you stick around. 🙂  For more information on what SquareHue is all about you can check my post here.  This month’s collection is clearly dedicated to the military forces, what with July 4th being the United State’s birthday and all.  While I was expecting either red, white and blue or a set of camouflage colors (light OR dark), I was surprised to see bits and pieces of what I had in mind strewn throughout this month’s collection of the appropriately-named polishes: Valor, Patriot and Honor.

SquareHue Salute Collection July 2013


Valor is a military olive green jelly polish that dries to a nice shine even without a topcoat.  The photos you see here are three thin coats and a layer of China Glaze’s Fast Forward Topcoat (my topper of choice, these days).  This color was very sheer so I did use three coats versus the two coats I normally use in a mani.  It did get me to a nice opaque color, although under flash there was some visible nail line (VNL). As usual, the application was smooth and drying time is decent, as I was able to apply subsequent coats within 3-5 minutes.  This applies to all polishes in the collection.

Valor by SquareHue


Patriot is a bright blue sheer jelly polish, a bit lighter than the color found in the American flag.  I love it’s brightness compared to the drab olive green of Valor.  It definitely brings some pizazz to this collection.  As with Valor, this color was very sheer and VNL was evident in this flash photo.  With either a fourth thin coat, thicker coats to start with or perhaps some nude undies this will likely be reduced or eliminated.  Although how many of us really have the paparazzi flashes following us around all day for this to really be that much of an issue, huh?  These sheer polishes would be a no-no for stamping, unless you are looking for muted colors and are stamping over a very light base color.  Application and drying time were good with this polish.

Patriot by SqauareHue


Honor is a gold foil polish that, by the way, works GREAT if you like to stamp!  Take a peek here if you’d like to see it.  This polish was completely opaque in two coats although you can probably get away with a single coat if you really don’t feel like using two.  I think that their use of gold and the name Honor signifies the importance and value that honor has in the lives of all, especially those who serve to protect the freedom of Americans at home and abroad.  A special thank you goes out to all who are serving and unable to be with their families for this holiday.  Your sacrifices are acknowledged and appreciated.

Honor by SquareHue

So that’s the collection for this month.  How do you like it, do you have a favorite color?  Hope you are all having a great weekend.  Thanks for reading!!


Easter Manicure

Hello everyone!  Happy Easter to those who celebrate and happy Sunday to those who don’t.  🙂

Today I have Nails Inc Lower Regent Street with a nice topping of Angel Burp by I Love Nail Polish.  Lower Regent Street is a bright fuschia pink that is described as a deep cerise pink on the website.  It gave complete coverage with two coats, and dried to a nice shine. As I’ve come to expect, the application of Nails Inc. polish was a dream! The addition of Angel Burp gave this bright pink a bit more of a Springtime/Easter feel.  This clear polish is a mix of opalescent/iridescent hex and square glitters and a nice bit of microfine glitter.  This first shot shows the manicure, topped with TWO coats of Seche Vite in daylight.

Nails Inc. Lower Regent Street and I <3 Nail Polish Angel Burp

Here is the same manicure shown under the light of a camera flash.  This view definitely gives you a  better view of those wee little glitters I told you about.  These are both gorgeous polishes that I am sure I will get a lot of use from.  Also, the I Love Nail Polish bottles have a nice rubberized cap!!  That makes polishing so easy as the cap feels quite secure in the hand.  I’ve really come to like this feature that I’ve seen so far in Orly and now I Love Nail Polish.  Nails Inc. Lower Regent Street and I <3 Nail Polish Angel Burp - Flash

Thanks for stopping by, as always.  I hope you all have a great week ahead!


Happy Almost St. Patrick’s Day!! :-)

Hey!  Just a SUPER-short and sweet post in honor of the impending St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday.  I used Sally Hansen’s Grass Slipper as the base and stamp, and Finger Paints’ Sketch N Etch on accent nail.  I couldn’t find a four leaf clover, so I found this clover-ish vine to use, it’s Shany plate SH24.  I’ll have to make sure and invest in some more holiday-themed plates, that’s for sure!  That’s about it, it’s very late here and I really need to get to bed.  LOL

Sally Hansen Grass Slipper with Finger Paints Sketch N Etch accent

Sally Hansen Grass Slipper with Finger Paints Sketch N Etch accent

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!  Anyone have any exciting plans for this Sunday?  Do tell…

Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon!


Nails Inc. Soho Street from The After Party Set

Soho Street is another part of The After Party collection from Nails Inc It’s a bit more of my Christmas nail polish haul that I couldn’t be happier about!

Nails Inc. The After Party Set

Nails Inc. The After Party Set (left to right):
Disco Lane, Soho Street and Covent Garden Market

Soho Street by Nails Inc.

Soho Street by Nails Inc.

Just like the bottle says, it looks like a glitter party in a bottle!  It’s a clear base with rainbow colored hex glitter in various sizes.  I was a bit sloppier than I’d like with it, unfortunately, but you can see that the two coats I used gives a ton of both color and sparkle.  This one will be great over other colors, also, can’t wait to mix it up!

Soho Street by Nails Inc.

Soho Street by Nails Inc.

Soho Street by Nails Inc.

Soho Street by Nails Inc.

Everybody out there, can you seriously send me some good nail juju??  Look at my nubs!  I can’t seem to stop breaking them and it makes me very sad.  I will be researching vitamins in the near future.  Does anyone out there use a vitamin for their nails and/or hair that they swear by?  If so, who makes it?  *sweet smile*

Let me know, seriously.  Thanks for reading!!  🙂