Different Dimension – Zarya


Happy Saturday, folks! I hope that your week is being kind to you and that you are finding time to relax or do something that you want to do. For those that work weekends, hope that your day is quick and easy! Today on the blog I have a polish from Different Dimension’s Shooting Star Collection called Zarya.


Different_Dimension - Zarya

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TGIF with Different Dimension’s Big Bang

TGIF, folks! The week has almost come to an end and I feel a bit of celebratory nail polish is in order, don’t you? For those of you who work on Saturdays thinking, “Screw you, I have to work tomorrow!”, you have my deepest sympathies. Rest assured that this post will be available to you any day of the week to celebrate YOUR Friday!  😉  Now let’s get to today’s polish.

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Memorial Day Manicure

Memorial Day is a very important day here in the United States. It’s the day on which we take pause to memorialize and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while defending democracy and freedom as a member of the US Armed Forces.  Below is a picture of my father, a man who dedicated his entire adult life to his country and community.  First as a Radioman Chief in the Navy for 18 years until his medical discharge, then as a dispatcher for the Miami-Dade Fire Department.  While he didn’t die in battle, I would like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of him and all the other service men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting people around the globe.


Leslie's Dad - US Navy

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Cult Nails It’s a New Day Collection

Happy Sunday all!  I hope you had an enjoyable weekend and feel rested and refreshed and ready for the week ahead.  LOLOLOL  I know, I know, but still.  

Today I have a polish collection to share with you from one of my favorite polish makers, Cult Nails.  Maria makes wonderful polishes that I always seem to find the irresistible urge to buy! Her frequent sales and discounted collection pre-sales help to make this possible. ^_^  Today’s collection is the recently released It’s A New Day.  Funny story about this one, I placed my order a couple days before the end of the pre-sale and was excited to get my shipping information confirmed when the items were packaged.  They were shipped on 4/30 with an anticipated delivery date of 5/2.  May 2nd came and went and no polish. They seem to have taken a detour between the Orlando sort facility and my home in south central Pennsylvania as they were eventually delivered on May 12th after a trouble ticket and a couple calls to the USPS.  Did they go to Disney, Universal Studios or check out the New Harry Potter attractions?  Maybe visit some of my friends that still live in Florida?  The world may never know.  But I digress.  Now, on to the beautiful spring polishes……  Continue reading

Elevation Polish – Rapa Nui

Today I have another polish from Elevation Polish called Rapa Nui.  This is part of a blog sale haul you can see a pic of here, and I am really enjoying it.  The polishes from Elevation that I have tried thus far are great to work with and have amazing color.

Elevation Polish Rapa Nui

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Monster’s Inc. Manicure

In honor of the release of the Monster’s Inc. sequel, Monster’s University, I decided to try a themed manicure with some nail art. Nothing fancy, as I am sure you can tell, but something other than just stamping or tape designs.  I was inspired by a manicure I saw on Twitter (or Instagram) and can’t for the LIFE of me find it to give credit.  If/when I do, I will update this post.  I chose the polishes below to use in this design.

Monster's Inc. Manicure Colors LeslieLovesNails

Polishes Used (L-R)

Finger Paints Sexy Sundress

Elevation Polish Elbrus

NYC 134 French White Tip

NYC 119 Black Lace Creme

China Glaze Spontaneous

I used Elevation’s Elbrus as the base for the “Sully” nails (and Mike’s eyes) and Finger Paints Sexy Sundress for the “Mike” nail.  While Elbrus is more of a purple polish, after photographing it I couldn’t seem to get anything but blue so I chose to use it for this.  Plus it’s an awesome bargain I got from a blog sale and wanted to use it anyhow. 🙂  I stamped Sully’
s spots with a plate (can’t remember which and can’t seem to find it, either GRRRR ), if you recognize it let me know hahah.  That’s about it.  How do you think it came out? 

Monster's Inc. themed mani

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week ahead!