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Comic-Con Geek Week Nail Art Challenge – Day 1

Comic-Con Geek Week Nail Art Challenge

Inspired by a book

The Hunger Games Bookcover

This week is my first nail art challenge, the Comic-Con Geek Week Nail Art challenge.  Today’s nail art comes to you with the help of a tutorial from Savannah at Oh So Pretty The Diaries.  See it here if you’d like to try it yourself. Being a fan of The Hunger Games book series, I had seen many ‘Girl on Fire’ flame nails before, but never had the guts to try it myself.  Until now. 🙂  As soon as I heard about this challenge and the topic of a book was included, I knew I had to participate.  Below is a list of the polishes that I used to create this manicure.

Red: Mamba from Color Club
Orange: Riveting from China Glaze (Hunger Games collection)
Yellow: Neon Melon from Sinful Colors
Black: Hot Topic’s Blackheart Cursed

As you can see, I used the Blackheart Cursed as a base, then the Mamba, Riveting and Neon Melon to make the flames.  Here is a shot of them pre-application.  This will need more practice, but not bad for a bad artist on the first attempt, I think!  First time using my brushes, so it was pretty exciting.  Please ignore the chip on the ring finger. 😦

Comic-Con Geek Week Nail Art Day1- Hunger Games

My manicure depicts Katniss’ costume at the first tribute parade.  She and her partner in the games, Peta, have costumes that appear to be fully aflame but leave them unharmed.  There is another scene in the movie during which she has an evening gown that has a similar effect.  the ’12’ on my thumb represents their home region, District 12.  The manicure shot below shows one of the polishes used in this design, China Glaze’s Riveting from The Hunger Games collection.  Appropriate, wouldn’t you say?

Comic-Con Geek Week Nail Art Day1- Hunger Games

Here is a shot of Katniss (played by Jennifer Lawrence, LOVE her!) in her flaming costume from the tribute parade scene.  Did any of you read the books and/or see the movie? Thoughts?  I loved the books and enjoyed the movie, although (as usual) there was much that they just couldn’t fit into a 2 hour movie.  I still plan to see the remaining movies they will make based on this series of books.

Girl On Fire - The Hunger Games Movie screencap

So, that’s it folks.  I hope you liked my first submission this week.  Hang around and see the rest and let me know what you think.  Have a great Monday, all!!


Color Club Halo Hues 2013 Cosmic Fate Swatches

Cosmic Fate by Color Club

Color Club Halo Hues 2013 Cosmic Fate

Color Club Halo Hues 2013 Cosmic Fate

Today the polish I have for you is Cosmic Fate from the Color Club Halo Hues 2013 collection.  Holographic polishes have recently been the ‘apple of my eye’, and when I saw some swatches of the colors in this set, I had to get them.  I have a couple other Color Club polishes and have had good experiences with all of them.  This is a beautiful light copper/peach colored liner holographic polish and really leaps off the nail in full sunlight.  These are my first strong holo colors and I have to say that I am sorry I waited so long to buy any.  The color shift in these polishes is mesmerizing and it’s actually a good thing they aren’t quite as animated under the glow of florescent lighting lest I might not get any work done in the course of my business day.  Below are shots with indirect sunlight and indoors with a flash.  All are two layers with a top coat.

Cosmic Fate - Direct Sunlight

Cosmic Fate – Direct Sunlight

Cosmic Fate - Indirect Sunlight Cosmic Fate

Cosmic Fate – Indirect Sunlight

Cosmic Fate - Flash

Cosmic Fate – Flash

I found these polishes at enospring, and their service was exceptional!  I ordered on a Thursday and had it in my mailbox on Monday!  They are in NJ and I am in PA, so that helped I’m sure LOL, and their packaging was very secure.  All around it was a very pleasant experience!

As always, thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great week!