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Twinkie Nail Art Challenge Day 2: Gradient

Happy Friday, folks!!  Today’s post will be short and sweet.  The second prompt for the August challenge sponsored by @spilledmilknails and @polishedbybeckie is a gradient, which I’ve never done before.  Of course my nails would have to be kind of short when I tried it, which is what I believe lead to my lacklustre results.  Oh well, practice makes perfect, right??  🙂


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Twinkie Nail Art Challenge Day 1: Throwback Mani

Happy Friday, everybody!  The weekend is upon us as is the start of the Twinkie Nail Art challenge.  This is a one manicure per week challenge, on Fridays during August, which is more my speed as far as these things go.  I’ve only done one challenge before, and that was a 5 day one which seemed to work OK. this challenge is being hosted by Polished by Beckie and Spilled Milk Nails.  Thank you, ladies, for giving me a chance to force myself to practice nail art LOL.  I am excited to do my actual first ever gradient for this challenge, stay tuned to the blog to witness that next week!  First, however, is today’s challenge: the Throwback mani.


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Cult Nails – Feel Me Up

Hello, everyone!   I hope you are having a great weekend so far.  Today I wanted to go for a very summery and bright polish, and one in a color I don’t usually wear: yellow.  This is where Feel Me Up from Cult Nails comes into the picture.  This is another polish from my recent 50% off haul from the Cult Nails site (celebrating her 200K likes on facebook, if I am not mistaken). So many great polishes and so much less than I would have spent without the sale!  🙂

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China Glaze Christmas Manicures

Here is my attempt at holiday spirit.  Things have been so busy and stressful that I just haven’t been feeling it this year.  My hope was that some holiday cheer on my nails would transfer to my general outlook.  The colors I used for this are China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps (a deep ruby red with a ton of red microglitter) , Glittering Garland (a beautiful Eagle, or forest, green packed with green shimmer) and eventually some Fairy Dust.

China Glaze Christmas Mani Colors

China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Champagne Bubbles and Cult Nails Wicked Fast Topcoat (not pictured)

I wanted something simple to start, so I alternated the two colors on my nails.  My quick-dry top coat du jour is Cult Nails’ Wicked Fast.

China Glaze Christmas Mani

China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Glittering Garland

A few days later and I wanted a new manicure, but was far too lazy to do a WHOLE NEW one, so I sprinkled some Fairy Dust on top and it was even more sparkly!  I really do love that polish.  If you’re not familiar with it it’s a clear base loaded with holographic microglitter.  I could just stare at it for hours, like a little Christmas tree on each nail.

Christmas Mani with Fairy Dust

China Glaze Christmas Mani with some Fairy Dust sprinkled on it

My final Christmas Manicure ended up involving Ruby Pumps and Champagne Bubbles.   

China Glaze Champagne Bubbles and Ruby Pumps

China Glaze Champagne and Ruby Christmas

My inspiration for this manicure was Lydia’s Nails Easy Peasy Christmas Trees.  I have had this tape that I have been meaning to work into a manicure, but between school, work and life I just hadn’t been able to.  With the holiday break from school upon me, I finally decided to work it in easily.  I am really loving the results, and will be doing this more frequently, I’m sure! Here’s lefty .  Pardon my nubby nails, they don’t seem to want to stay at a decent length, but I vowed to not let that stop me from making them pretty!!

Here's Lefty

China Glaze Ruby Pumps Champagne Bubbles Christmas – Righty

and Righty who hardly ever gets any ‘face time’.  Let her bask in the glory that is hers, she deserves it.  If it wasn’t for her, lefty would look like a steaming pile of dog crap!  But I digress…

Good ol' Righty

China Glaze Ruby Pumps Champagne Bubbles Christmas

So those are my holiday manicures thus far.  Thanks to Lydia for her inspiration, without which this manicure may never have been.  As always, thanks for reading!! In case I don’t get another post in before Tuesday, Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate!  Those who don’t, have a great Tuesday!


Rainbow Accent Nail

This manicure started with a couple designs I created on a wheel, here is one of them.  Since I have exactly ZERO limited drawing skills, my nail art tool of choice is my set of Mash 5×2 tool set.  I think these tools pack a good bang for the buck.  It’s amazing to see what can be done with just dots, seriously.  When looking for images/ideas of things to do with them I was amazed by the creativity and variety of designs that can be created with these simple tools.

Rainbow Accent on the wheel

Rainbow Accent on the wheel

Here are the colors I used.

  • Delaunay by Julep (Trina Turk Fall ’12 Collection) – chili pepper red crème
  • Riveting by China Glaze (Hunger Games Collection) – vibrant orange with a gold shimmer
  • Alma by Julep (Trina Turk Fall ’12 Collection – dijon yellow crème
  • Feelin’ Froggy by Cult Nails – muted kelly green crème with a bright green shimmer
  • Taylor by Julep – a deep, sky blue crème
Rainbow Accent Colors

Rainbow Accent Colors

Rainbow Accent Colors

Rainbow Accent Colors

My nails are a bit shorter than the nails on the wheel, so I adjusted the design a bit.

Full Mani with rainbow accent

Full Mani with rainbow accent

Here is a close up of the accent nail.

Accent Nail

Accent Nail

I would have done the entire manicure with these dots (and should have made the base red dot smaller), but I was short on time as that day I was heading to a birthday dinner at Shady Maple Smorgasbord and didn’t leave enough time for my nails.  I know, I know <smacking own hand>.  I will try and not let it happen again.  But it’s Shady Maple!  A cornucopia of PA Dutch delights mixed in with just about every other mouth-wateringly delicious thing you can think of.  And all you can eat of them all!  I wasn’t thinking clearly.

Thanks for reading – I hope you all are having a great week!
Leslie  (*^_^*)

Cult Nails Fairy Tale Collection

Long time no post, I know.  Rest assured that I have not been neglecting my nails in my web absence.  🙂

My new favorite polishes are the Fairy Tale Collection from Cult Nails (my first Cult Nails purchase).  The first difference is the packaging, which is evidence of Cult Nails’ desire to be as green as possible.  Affectionately called the “Cotton Ball Initiative”, the idea came from the owner/creator’s 12 year old daughter.  This polish is also vegan friendly, as it doesn’t test on animals or use products that are tested on animals or animal byproducts.

Cult Nails Packaging 1

Love ecologically friendly packaging! 🙂

Cult Nails Packaging 2nd View

Love the way these are packaged!

Below is the collection in its entirety, all colors I love!  The formula is great, not thick and gloppy and not too thin.  Applies well and colors cover very well, also.  Evil Queen is a deep, rich red creme (I am currently wearing it).  Charming is a light purple with a beautiful pinkish-purple shimmer.  Feelin’ Froggy is a light green with a really nice blue shimmer.  Princess is a light blue with a gold amost microglitter like shimmer.  Last but not least, Happy Endings is a topcoat filled with multi-colored and shaped glitter. 

Cult Nails Fairy Tale Collection

Fairy Tale Collection (left to right): Evil Queen, Charming, Feelin’ Froggy, Princess and Happy Ending

Below is my swatch of Evil queen, with Happy Endings as a topcoat on my ring finger. 

Evil Queen Swatch

Evil Queen with Happy Endings accent nail

I’ve also got some awesome polish to share that I got from Sally beauty and Julep.  Will share those as soon as I can get pictures taken.  Until then, have a great day!!

Leslie  🙂