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piCture pOlish – Gravity

Hey, guys!  How’s everyone doing today?  Good, I hope.  It’s Monday and I know that they are usually a complete drag, so I figured I would share a bit of sparkle and pizzazz with everyone to help brighten your days!  If you like Monday (or this Monday in particular), then this will make it that much more special.  Please gaze lovingly upon Gravity from piCture pOlish…….

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butter LONDON All Hail The Queen

All Hail The Queen by butter LONDON

butter LONDON All Hail The Queen

butter LONDON All Hail The Queen

All Hail The Queen, formerly known as All Hail McQueen in honor of legendary fashion designer Steve McQueen, is a beige/nude polish with scattered holographic glitter that I absolutely love.  When I first grabbed this color I was going for a neutral creme polish and boy was I surprised when I got a better look and saw all that sparkly goodness throughout!  I typically don’t go for shades this light, but I must say that I really like it! 

butter LONDON All Hail The Queen

butter LONDON All Hail The Queen

My pictures don’t do this polish true justice, as in person there is a fine diamond-like shimmer with this polish.  Noticeable indoors and really comes to life in sunlight, which we have been lucky enough to have here in recent days although the temps are in the 20s for highs.  Not that I am complaining, of course, bring it on!  Where’s my snow???  But I digress…..

butter LONDON All Hail The Queen

As with all the other butter LONDON colors I own, this formula was great to work with.  Two coats and a top coat are shown in all the pictures above.  Pardon the fingerprints, but you obviously know I’ve handled the bottle.  Will have to make sure I do a better wipe job before photographing in the future.  🙂

As always, thanks for reading.  Have a great week, everybody!